And Sometimes You Pass Out in a Preschool Parking Lot.

Posted on: January 17th, 2013, Categories: twin pregnancy

I have to say, this twin pregnancy thing is a whole new ball of wax. In my second trimester with Vivienne, I was doing boot camp classes and hour long sessions on the elliptical. I had energy to spare—especially in the second tri—and it was all so smooth and easy. Twins, though...are so different. I'm bone tired much of the time and require daily naps. I feel all kinds of strange cramping and weird sensations across my abdomen. Recently I had to stop exercising nearly altogether since it seemed to be exacerbating the cramping. As a confessed exercise addict, this has been tough for me, to put it mildly. Suddenly, my daily endorphin fix is gone. Even walking causes weird stitches on my sides. My last resort are these yoga DVDs I ordered—I hope they'll give me a little much-needed boost.


But I digress. This post is about fainting—specifically, about fainting in the parking lot of Vivi's preschool. This morning, I walked her to class and dropped her off just like any other day. I ran into two of my mom friends outside in the parking lot, and we got to chatting. As we conversed, I felt sudden, unwelcome waves of nausea and I attempted to brush them off. I remember thinking how unfortunate it would be if I had to interrupt our talk to run over to nearest bush and lose my breakfast. But I made it through, we said our goodbyes and I walked with one of the moms to our cars. Here's where it got weird. I could hear my friend talking to me, and I was replying something back, but was utterly confused and losing track of what both of us were saying. I was consumed by a crazy, overwhelming dizziness and overall fuzziness— and I remember saying to my friend: "Something's wrong—I feel really strange..."


At that point I was blindly attempting to grab onto my car for support because I somehow knew that I was about to fall down. Thank God my friend was there—she caught me as I hit the ground and everything went black. I was only out for a few seconds, I think, when she helped to pull me up and get me inside the school where I could sit down. Later she said I was mumbling something about Vivi, which I remember only vaguely. I also recall some part me wondering if I was dreaming all of this and hoping to God I was because otherwise, this was going to be reeeeally embarrassing.


I found myself situated in a chair in the school and surrounded by worried, well-meaning people who offered me everything from Ritz crackers to ice packs to water.  In a pass-out grand finale, I broke out into a massive hot flash/sweat. The school called my husband, who was there within ten minutes to pick me up, since I didn't yet trust myself to drive.


As soon as I was home, I called my OB, who asked me a series of questions and told me I wouldn't have to come in unless I was having repeat episodes. Jeff and I then had a massive Google session and learned that fainting can be common with twin pregnancies; something about low blood pressure and the babies putting pressure on an artery (or vein, maybe?) that slows blood flow to my head. Awesome.


Now, I'm feeling more cautious and a little paranoid about it happening again. I mean, what do I do if I'm driving on the highway and I get another case of the faints? I guess I just need to watch for the warning signs and continue to take it easy. In the meantime, I can feel the little guys kicking away and moving around plenty inside of me, which reassures me more than I can say.


Still, I'm left with the question: is this at all normal? How concerned should I be? Does anyone have any experience with this?

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  1. Sally Tirs

    January 18, 2013

    Okay, that was a huge scare and hopefully there will not be a repeat episode. A twin pregnancy is definitely a different experience. Take care of yourself precious daughter.