And This Guy.

Posted on: May 1st, 2014, Categories: twin life

Austin: aka Baby "A". Born first, he weighed in at 4.1 lbs. Austin had an easier time of it in the NICU, but strangely, his heart monitor alarms sounded (screamed is a better word) more often than Harrison's once we brought him home. He oozes sweetness and charm and is so chill and well-behaved, you sometimes forget he's over there in the corner, bouncing away in his bjorn chair. Austin proudly defies his preemie label with his chubby cheeks, buddha belly and adorable rolls. And of course, there's the crazy hair that grows more red and thick with each passing day. I get lost in his enormous green eyes—and I'll go to great lengths to solicit his infectious baby belly laugh.


Austin is a little shy and shows clear signs of being a sensitive soul. He's so innately good-natured— on the rare occasion when he cries, it startles me, and I bewilderedly wonder what that foreign wailing sound is. His metamorphosis from preemie to one-year-old was so dramatic it's hard to believe he's the same baby.


Happy birthday, my beloved ginger boy.



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  1. Sympwellconsrestde

    May 4, 2014

    Every time I look at our adorable little red head, my heart melts. He has the sweetest disposition and a smile that curls my toes. Austin is our ray of sunshine and being his “Mamie” is beyond words.