Somehow Jeff and I just blew right past an enormous milestone, gracing it with nothing more than a brief conversation. I’m sorry, babe— I need to give it more than that. Jeff’s heart surgery was just over a year ago, when I was pregnant with the twins. Back then, quite understandably, Jeff didn’t want…

Reporting from Hospital Bed Rest: Day 25

Posted on: March 29th, 2013 by Molly 10 Comments


  A few days ago, my nurse wheeled me from my hospital room to my perinatologist appointment upstairs. Every week, I have an ultrasound so they can see how the ole’ cervix is holding up. I was feeling good and confident. I’d had no contractions and no other obvious symptoms of preterm labor, and at…

Reporting from Hospital Bed Rest: Day 14

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I didn’t mean to go dark—I really didn’t. You’d think that I’d be cranking out blog posts from here in my hospital room. But for some reason, I’ve been stuck. Still, Mamadhi’s been calling me to write, so I’m finally answering.   First, let me quickly catch you up on our family’s recent sequence of…

Round Two

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I think I can state with full confidence that I’m the mayor of my fertility practice. For one, I can spot the newbies from a mile away. They look anxious, a little confused, and hopeful. Maybe I should help them out, or give them a tour of the place, being that I’m an expert and all….


Posted on: July 23rd, 2012 by Molly


I have a habit of tuning out when horrific, incomprehensible events take place. It’s as if I simply can’t handle the senselessness of it all. I don’t know how to wrap my mind around how, and why these things happen. I think I’m afraid if I dwell on it too long, I won’t be able to stop. So when I heard about the Aurora shootings this weekend, I tuned out. For a while, anyway…


Posted on: June 28th, 2012 by Molly


Tough news today. The results of the DNA testing for the baby were inconclusive. So this leaves me with no answers. Was it a fluke? A “bad egg” as one doctor phrased it? There is good news here. Each day I wake up a little…lighter, I guess. I’m smiling again. Jeff and I makes jokes. I’m hug Vivienne too hard and drink her in as much as I can. The worst part of it has passed. But sometimes the grief creeps up on me unexpectedly and smacks me in the face. I let it envelop…


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Miscarriage is the Voldemort of the fertility world. Most of us are even terrified to utter the word for fear of it coming to find us. During this horrific time, only a few things give me solace.   Crying. It feels terrible while I’m engaged in the act, but after, I feel somewhat cleansed and better…