Hello, Six Months.

Posted on: October 7th, 2013, Categories: motherhood, twin life

Yesterday, Austin and Harrison turned six months old. I can't believe these are the same guys we brought home in late April. Their personalities are emerging now—Austin (my redhead) smiles and coos and oohs and ahs nonstop. He's undeniably charming. Harrison is opening up more, but he's more reserved. Sometimes I wonder if it's because he's been through a bit more than his brother. He has this sort of all-knowing wise smile that completely transforms his face.




We're getting out more now. We even took all of the kids to a fall festival recently and survived. The stares and comments we get as a family are always amusing. Many view us with sympathetic "wow, better you than me" expressions, and one dad with his wife and one child went as far as to look at us and say, "now that looks like a lot of work." Honey, you don't even know.


Vivienne gets so excited when we leave the house with the whole family: "We're going to the PARK! We're going to the park with Mommy AND Daddy AND Austin AND Harrison! Evweebody's going!" Then she does a little Vivi dance.


For so long we were split up as a family—with me in the hospital, then the boys in the hospital, then the boys confined to the house due to their heart monitors and our monsoon summer. It's so liberating to leave the house with everyone in tow. It's as though we've finally broken free.


park bound


viv & mommy slidin'


I'll be back soon to report on more family adventures...



2 Responses

  1. Sally Tirs

    October 8, 2013

    This blog melted my heart because I know you thought you would never get to this point after the lack of sleep, heart monitors, projectile vomiting, endless feedings, doctor appointments, and now you can go for family outings!! What a beautiful family and you and Jeff are both wonderful parents. I am a blessed Mamie!!

  2. rob carter

    October 8, 2013

    can’t wait to see you on the 17th